Reflex Action


A Thrilling Crime Novel

Nick Griffiths is missing!


Police officers do not just vanish off the face of the earth - not in sleepy rural Britain, not when they are on-duty, in the middle of a night shift. With no clues as to his whereabouts, every aspect of Nick’s apparently idyllic home-life, and his working relationships, would be scrutinised. Secrets would be uncovered, but would they give a clue as to his disappearance?


As a senior detective, DI Colin Peterson is appointed to head the team investigating the missing person case; however, all initial lines of enquiry seem to lead nowhere. Was he missing vital evidence? Was he even up to the task of being the SIO?


The focus of the investigation follows a more sinister path and enquiries lead to the brutal world of inner-city gang culture, drugs, and violence. What had Nick unwittingly stumbled upon?


As the mystery unfolds, the truth is not what was expected. Forced to examine his own past, DI Peterson faces a moral dilemma as he sets off on a crusade seeking justice and revenge.


Follow the twists and turns of the police investigation. Will Nick be found safely?

A British police/crime thriller.

ISBN-13:    978-1081965754
ISBN-10:    1081965754
ASIN:         Bo7WBV7DXV

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Available as a Kindle E-Book or in Paperback format

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